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22 "You Are Creating" CD

22 "You Are Creating" CD

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„YOU ARE CREATING“ is a conceptual album divided into two limbs, making it up to the listener to create a whole of these two parts, trusting the active participation of the listener. “YOU ARE CREATING” is an assertion made by 22 that the listener is the one creating the effects of the music they are hearing. Pitch and rhythm in different arrangements (songs) are just tools provided by the artist, which the listener utilises and thus creates the experience of music. The band claims that it is not the artist’s stories and emotions that is “given” to the listener. The listener uses music actively to explore their own emotional, mental and spiritual realms. Therefore, music is able to create experiences on such an intimate and personal level, having millions of different people from different cultures thinking: “they are singing about my life!” or “that’s exactly how i feel” in response to hearing the exact same recording of the exact song. Consciously or not, humans use music to explore their own life, world and being. Every song on “YOU ARE CREATING” is made with the above-mentioned mechanism as an all-permeating creative principle.

(release date: November 23rd, 2018)

CD1 - You Are Creating: Limb1
01. Inspec
02. Staying Embodied
03. Sum Of Parts
04. A Mutation Of Thrushes
05. Adam Kadmon Body Mass Index
06. Ectypes
07. You Are Creating
08. Node1

CD2 - You Are Creating: Limb2
01. Node2
02. Call Me Trimtab
03. Dillemanns Clarity
04. Autumn Stream
05. Chroma Key
06. Sylphs
07. V
08. Akira


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